Rowena Layson
Rowena LaysonDentist
Dr. Layson is our main dentist here at Great Smile Dental Office. She is an active member of her community church and will do anything for her family. Her two grown boys are her inspiration and have made her pursue on being the best on what she does.

Her genuine concern to our patients and everyone she knows is felt the moment you meet her. This is probably why we have a lot of patients who treats her like family. She is also a very active member of Marriage Encounter Movement of California which keeps her busy most of the time.

Our Hygienist My Huynh has been with us since 2009 and is a true asset to our team due to her hard work and care she has given to all our patients. She loves reading books and spoiling her nephews and nieces on her spare time . Her calm demeanor does not reflect the busy life My has which we can account to her high organizational skill. Her brother who is also a dentist, shows that dental field has been a family business for the Huynhs.

She is now a regular in our office every Thursdays and Saturdays… so when you make your appointment for your hygiene, do not forget to ask for My.

Our Valuable Team Members

SoniTreatment Coordinator
Sonia Mora is our Front Office Treatment Coordinator. She has been in the dental world for more than 20 years. Her dental experience allows her to help our patients on any questions they may have on their insurance or their treatments. On her spare time, she loves to play with her only grand daughter. She also loves to tinker on crafts and is currently sharing these love with her grand daughter.
MyraOffice Manager
Myra is our Front Office Manager. She is usually in the background of our office operations. She makes sure that all your appointments are prepared for the day and messages are sent for your reminders. She makes sure all patients billing questions are taken care of as well as our office accounting needs. She loves technology which helps us on keeping up with the current media in marketing our office. She also loves watching movies on Netflix or any movies that interest her in her spare time.
Lia Accounting
Lia does our accounting needs in the office on certain days to help our office organize. She is also the sister of Dr. Layson.

Plants, decorations, and anything creative seems to be a talent for Lia. Her natural green thumb keeps our plants looking happy and healthy. Lia always have a smile on her face that even the Grinch would be happy to oblige.

LizDental Assistant
Liz is our always smiling assistant which we love to see on her as she wears it really well. She has been working as a dental assistant for 10 years, it is a career that she has known to love and very comfortable at doing. We are so happy to have her with our team!
RosaDental Assistant
Rosa has a soft voice with a kind heart. Dental career just fits Rosa’s personality as she is very efficient, and loves to be of service. She is a mom to four beautiful boys and juggles her mom life with her love to work as a dental assistant with grace and a smile on her face.